Bergdorf Goodman gray jumpsuit tame enough for Eartha Kitt….

Growing up in the 70′s people asked me which Catwoman I liked best:  Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt  and that was a no brainier for me…Eartha Kitt honey….always Eartha Kitt.  Loved Julie Newmar but for me there was only one Catwoman and that was Eartha.  That’s what I had on my brain when I first saw this gray wool jersey jumpsuit by Bergdorf Goodman.  See how strange my mind works?  Eartha Kitt popped into my head when I pulled this jumpsuit from the rack and I just smiled because it took me back to my youth….  This gorgeous jumpsuit by Bergdorf Goodman is in pristine condition and still has many more lives in it, just like a cat….  Jumpsuits to me never go out of STYLE and you rarely see women wearing them today which is a pity.  All you need for this jumpsuit to make it modern is a clutch aka this Emilio Pucci mini bag with detachable plexi bangle wristlet in tiger print and of course these Rick Owens leather ankle boots…. I would dress my client in this ensemble and watch as she transforms herself into a modern day STYLISH catwoman…..PURR…  All items on my blog are up for sale please just email me and be sure you check out The Thrifters Boutique first.  Follow me daily on Twitter and ‘friend’ me on Facebook so we can connect.  Click on and enjoy my YouTube videos too.  Toodles for now.  Daniel


Vintage Dior sunny jacket with white Escada slacks it’s perfect for summer.

Every Sunday morning now for the past 20 + years I have always watched the CBS Sunday Morning show and their logo is the smiley sun.  When I saw this vintage Dior black and white jacket with the sun’s face it just made me so damn happy.  It reminded me of a Piero Fornasetti design which I am always looking for in thrift stores.  This Dior jacket looks as fresh as the day it was conceived, just throw on some skinny jeans or legging and you are ready for all the attention you could ever ask for.  In 1996 John Galliano was appointed to succeed Gianfranco Ferre as artistic director of Dior’s women’s collection.  Galliano has never lost his creative edge as you can see when you watch this Dior Haute Couture fall / winter 2010 – 2011.  Watching that video is like going to a museum and looking at artwork, it’s so invigorating.  What better color for slacks than white to unite this Dior jacket I ask?  These gorgeous Escada white cotton slacks with spandex are just the ticket to pull this ensemble totally together.  With the right accessories and clutch this woman could take anyone down!  I say stand back and out of the way….  If there is anything on my blog that you are interested in please don’t hesitate to email me for price, additional photos and measurements.  Be sure to check out The Thrifters Boutique and follow me on Twitter & Facebook, also please enjoy my YouTube videos on thrifting.  Toodles for now.  Daniel


PierAntonio Gaspari fabulous skirt.

There is so much detail on this skirt it’s just hard for me to even begin.  Every square inch of this well constructed skirt, size 8 and made in Italy by PierAntonio Gaspari is breathtaking.  This would be the kind of skirt you would need to score that big entrance you’ve been wanting.  PierAntonio Gaspari, a predestined and an enthusiast experimenter.  Born around knitters and knitting machines in the family company and growing up he learned the secrets, tricks and shortcuts of the trade, and he was fascinated by it.  As soon as he finished high school he asked his father to let him start designing, and so he began to design knitwear, and by 30 years old he was ready to start his own line.  No limits and no obstacles exist for his imagination as you can tell by looking at this skirt.  If I have said it once I have said it a million times on my blog ‘leave it to the Italians to be visionary!’  I wish that I were lucky enough to have also found this Galliano blouse to go with the skirt.  I know don’t push it Daniel just take what the GODS give you and run, run like someone got on the microphone and announced that everything in Hermes must go NOW and so everything is 99% off.  See what kind of an imagination I have???  I know I’m twisted..  Check out The Thrifters Boutique and follow me on Twitter & Facebook, also please enjoy my YouTube videos on thrifting.  Toodles for now.  Daniel.


Alexander McQueen top with a Guy Laroche skirt that’s just smokin’.

I have to tell you honestly even though this Alexander McQueen McQ is from Target it’s still has Alexander McQueen’s hallmark.  In February 2009 Target partnered up with McQueen for his McQ line to launch Target Designer Collaborations, a unique program that features well established designers who draw inspiration from a collaborative partner, muse or creative element.  The exclusive McQ Alexander McQueen for Target collection draws inspiration from British rock band The Duke Spirit.  Known for its potent mix of rebel edge, creativity and technical mastery, McQ for Target collection was inspired by youth subcultures, music, rebellion and style revolution.  If you haven’t watched this tribute to McQueen please do so, he was a giant among giants, a pure creative spirit that will be so missed.  I got this mint condition McQ top for $4.39.  The next item I found was this fantastic Guy Laroche gray skirt.  Guy Laroche opened his own fashion house at the age of 37 in 1957 and within no time established himself as one of Frances leading designers.  In 2007 Marcel Marongiu is appointed artistic director of the fashion house.  Marcel Marongiu sees fashion design as a geniune means of communication.  We wants people to be able to live out their fantasies by wearing his clothes and to discover what he terms “la vie plus belle,” the beautiful life.  No doubt just look at the construction of this skirt, it’s beautiful and so elegant.  I paid $4.39 for this too.  I spent $8.78 for both items and anyone who wears this ensemble could be deadly.  Don’t forget to shop at The Thrifters Boutique and follow me on Twitter & Facebook.  Check out my YouTube videos on thrifting too.  Toodles for now.  Daniel


Chanel Boutique blouse with Alice Roi slacks.

First just let me tell you that when I spotted this Chanel blouse my heart was filled with so much joy, it almost popped.  I plucked it from the rack, looked at the label and said to myself: ” I can’t believe this, this never happens.”  I then turned it inside out immediately to check for the care instruction tag and the little tag that says ‘Made in France’, sadly they were not there.  This really did break my heart.  For a brief second I thought I had scored the big one, discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, stumbled on the true age of Zza Zza Gabor, found the Holy Grail…but no.  So I decided to take it anyways after all it was only $3.00 and how to say no to Chanel?  I kept hunting and thank the GODS above because I found these gorgeous Alice Roi gray slacks.  Since launching in 1999, the native New Yorker has cultivated a devoted following of downtown debs and uptown hipsters, not to mention a nomination for the CFDA Perry Ellis Award for Womenswear.  Roi does storybook chic with a sure hand and a steady dose of wit.  To quote Cathy Horyn from the New York Times : “Ms. Roi has a unique world.  And unless you go to the trouble to create a world, stocking it with characters and humor, you’ll always be limited to what you can observe rather than feel.”  These ultra sexy slacks were priced at $5.00, so you can throw on the Chanel’ISH blouse and grow a sense of humor.  Don’t forget to SHOP at The Thrifters Boutique and follow me on Twitter & Facebook.   Be sure to check out some of my YouTube videos I have made about thrifting.  Toodles for now.  Daniel


Louis Vuitton blazer and Issey Miyake mens shirt.

I honestly don’t know which one I was more surprised at finding, the Louis Vuitton blazer or the Issey Miyake pullover top.  Ok so let me begin,  I started my day by stopping over at a consignment store called Career Fashion Consignment where the owner Judi was holding the Louis Vuitton blazer for me.  The consignment store was cleaning out their Winter wears and since this blazer had sat there patiently waiting for someone to pluck it from purgatory, it had been discounted down to $20.00.  Now you guys know normally I wouldn’t even consider paying $20.00 for a blazer but all my logic flew out the window when I saw the label.  I know I’m such a label whore.  This blazer fits me like a Vuitton leather glove, now that I like.    Later at a thrift store I found this Issey Miyake 100% wool pullover mens top that fits me like the other Vuitton glove, for $1.00.  A one dollar bill bought me a Issey Miyake damn shirt, can you just swallow that?  Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer that founded his company in 1970.  He is known for his technology- driven clothing designs, exhibitions and fragrances.  Issey Miyake basic philosophy is the continuing focus on both the importance of imagination and the development of new technology in which to make clothing.  He is one of my absolute favorite designers and this is my very first piece, so yes I’m grinning.  I love looking like a million damn dollars having spent only $21.00 in the process.  Call me what you like but please call me thrifty.  Don’t forgot to shop at The Thrifters Boutique and follow me on Twitter & Facebook.  Enjoy yourselves to watching my YouTube videos on thrifting.  Toodles for now.  Daniel


Trina Turk blouse goes great with Ralph Lauren and vintage Courreges suit.

When I picked up this light blue 2 piece suit by Courreges I almost came apart.  I don’t come across this brand very often in thrift stores.   This is a vintage 2 piece dress suit with the petal cut skirt and the most gorgeous shade of light blue you have ever seen.  Andre Courreges is the master of space age design.  The Parisian designer became popular in the ’60′s for his futuristic, yet simple collection.  Courreges shot to couture stardom in the mid 60′s with his Moon Girl look  Revolutionary in their styling, his clothes were sharp, angular and subject to a highly disciplined design.  Arguably, Courreges’ greatest contribution to the fashion world was his low heeled, calf high boots made of white plastic.  LOVE HIM.  This vintage size 8 wool dress suit, made in France,  was priced at $2.50.  I know you’re probably tearing up now, who could blame you?  The next item I plunked from the rack was this pink Ralph Lauren 100% silk jacket size 8P.  Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.  This jacket was also priced at $2.50.  Finally I found  a Trina Turk modern blouse size P for $2.00.  Inspired by the multicultural mix, architecture, and landscape of Los Angeles and California, The Trina Turk Collection is full of the Season’s most casually sophisticated – and “must have” silhouettes.  This Trina Turk blouse looks EXCELLENT with both the vintage Courreges suit and the modern cut jacket by Ralph Lauren.  This is why I think Trina Turk’s designs are invaluable.  Something old something new  + Trina Turk = DYNAMITE. Don’t forget to check out The Thrifter Boutique and follow me on Twitter and Facebook.   Check out some of my YouTube videos on thrifting.    Toodles for now.  Daniel


My 11Alive News appearing on thrifting.

11Alive News

Lots of people spent late December cleaning out closets to donate unwanted stuff and catch a tax write off. Come January, it’s a great time to go thrifting.

For Daniel Troppy just about every day is a good time to go thrifting; he hits 2 or 3 secondhand stores a day. “I’ve found Gucci items with the tags still on,” he said. Troppy resells expensive items on E-bay and writes a blog called On a recent shopping trip at the Cathedral of Saint Philip  Thrift Store on Piedmont Avenue, he wore
Prada shoes, Dolce and Gabbana pants, a Dior sweater and a Missoni Jacket. “This entire outfit cost me $20,” he said. “I like shopping thrift stores because it’s green, it’s a green way of living,” he said.

Shoppers never know what they’ll find. On this day at The Cathedral of Saint Philip Thrift Store there were designer labels like Armani, Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, Brooks Brothers, Nannette Lepore and others. Most were under $20 and many were under $10.

Thrift stores are different from consignments stores because most of the items are donated. At consignment stores the original owner gets a percentage of the sale price. Many consignment stores specialize in high end designer items while thrift stores have a bit of everything. “You have to have patience. I go through every rack and look for designer labels,” said Troppy.

Many thrift stores do not have fitting rooms and most don’t take returns.

Among Daniel Troppy’s favorites are:

Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, 3534 Broad St, Atlanta GA 30341 (770) 451-6933

The Cathedral of St. Philip Thrift Shop, 1837 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta GA 30324 (404) 876-5440

Nearly New Shop 1715 Howell Mill Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 355-3547

To read his blog go to