Anna Sui silk & lace dress….

I literally had to do a Doubletake when I saw the label because it’s so faint and thank the GODS above I did because I walked out of the thrift store with a silk & lace Anna Sui dress…. Oh yes Anna Sui.  This dress just rocks but then again so does Anna Sui.  Anna Sui attended Parson’s School of Design back in the 70′s and has worked as a STYLIST for photographer Steven Meisel.  In 1980 Sui started her own company with very little money in her pockets but that’s ok because she hung in there and built herself a global brand.  Ten years after opening her business she attempts to stage an actual fashion show and some of her friends at the time were Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista & Christy Turlington so how on earth could that fashion show go wrong??  She built her business with one stick at a time and kept reinvesting her money into her fashion brand because she never gave up on her dream.  So when I look at this gorgeous silk & lace Anna Sui dress I don’t just see a regular dress, oh no, I see a fashion designer that adores the eclectic aesthetics.  Everyone should dream and dream big because life is short and sweet!  Be STYLISH go green.  Daniel your luxury curator!

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