Diane von Furstenberg vintage brown blouse with pink Michael Kors made in Italy skirt…

Before you start to complain I know I should have taken more photos of this vintage DVF blouse, I don’t know what I was thinking. Finding a vintage DVF inside the thrift store just reinforces my belief that the thrift store GODS loveeeee me.  I know you can’t see the pleats on the top of the sleeves and again I say I’m sorry for that because you really should see them.  Sometimes I’m lousy photographer.   I really love the color combination of brown & pink together, it’s hot and sexy all in the same moment.  This pink Michael Kors skirt is made in Italy, I know you can’t see the label where it says “Made in Italy” so again I’m sorry…. sorry sorry sorry…  When you find a Michael Kors item and it says “Made in Italy” near the tag always grab it and I know you’re heard me say that 69 times already but hey what’s another time?  70 ok it’s 70 times but it’s so damn true about Kors “Made in Italy” because the fabrics are R$CHER and the tailoring is precise.  Friend me on Facebook & follow me on Twitter.  Be STYLISH go green.  Daniel your luxury curator!




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