Eskandar top with Michael Kors made in Italy slacks….

If only you could crawl inside the internet so that you could feel the fabric of this cream Eskandar top, I think you probably wouldn’t want to go back…  It reminds me of my grandmother’s dish cloth, it’s that soft soft cotton and all you want to do is feel it.  Everyone needs to own tops made from this type of cotton because it’s all about comfort.  Established in 1993 by Eskandar Nabavi, the Eskandar womenswear label has grown in success at an unprecedented rate.  The signature fluid lines and traditional, voluminous silhouettes, are brought to life with exclusive and luxurious fabrics, for which Eskandar has become renowned world wide.  Lightening struck twice because not only did I score this Eskandar top but these Michael Kors made in Italy slacks.  Everything I see Michael Kors  always pray to the GODS above that it says ‘made in Italy’ because that’s what you want to get.  The construction, tailoring & fabric is so R$CH and luxurious and who doesn’t need or want that?  I love this simple chic look of the Eskandar top with these R$CH Kors made in Italy slacks, this ensemble just screams “less is more and less is best”…. Friend me on Facebook & follow me on Twitter….  Be STYLISH go green.  Daniel your luxury curator!


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