Lafayette 148 blouse with Giorgio Armani slacks….

I almost lost all my fingernails which would have been tragic.  When I hear someone say “the trend this Spring is or the color for Spring is” it’s like running my fingernails over a chalk board.  Women listen up and listen good….  Trends are for amateurs and sheep, not you!   I say this a million times “if I’m wearing it, it’s in STYLE” because that’s the attitude one must have,  not ‘well I can’t wear this color because it’s not in season’ or ‘the cut of those slacks are so last year’, that just makes one look left behind and still living under a rock.  Good classic cuts and tailoring NEVER EVER goes out of STYLE.  It is timeless.  The reason I’m saying this is because at the thrift store a woman said to me ‘I like those slacks but the color isn’t current’….  I said “darling stop following other people and be your own person”….  I’m so rattled I have got to stop and talk about these 2 very lovely pieces.  The blouse is a gorgeous Lafayette 148 blouse that ties in the back and pulls in the shape of your body so beautifully.  These classic cut Giorgio Armani slacks are simple chic and timeless.  These are 2 very well known brands that don’t manufacture ‘trendy’ clothes in fact their reputation is quite the opposite.  This ensemble can be worn today or in 2013, 2018 or 2099.  Daniel your luxury curator!



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